Doesn’t it feel amaizing when we get to eat good food and if there is a perfectly matching wine to go with it, complementing each other very well.However, perfectly pairing wine with food just don’t happen, if you are like me who made some terrible combinations, you will know what i am talking about.

As a food and consumer science student, i took a wine course as a module on its own and i got to learn different techniques in which to pair wine and food.i will be sharing with you some of the things that i learnt from doing this wine course.

general rules

  • white wines go well with white meats
  • red wines with red meat
  • drink wines from light to dark with your meals
  • champagne  tends to go well together with appetizers and your opening courses
  • do not match strong wines with delicate food
  • tart wines go better on tart foods
  • tannins pair well with fat


  • different people have different taste buds so to find out the perfect combination for yourself, start tasting the wine alone and swallow
  • then take in your food and while still in the mouth,take a sip of wine and chew the food slowly with the wine still in the mouth and the swallow
  • the perfect combination lets you enjoy the food without being overpowered by the wine but only complements the taste of the food
  • so it lets you enjoy the wine and the food as individual components and as a match.

Bring the restaurant into your kitchen with just white rice…

About a few weeks ago, my food development lecturer gave us a task to come up with a creative idea of a recipe using white rice as the main ingredient, after which we had to prepare the actual dish and be judged on creativity and originality. I had a wonderfull experience of my life and it was so interesting when i went around to taste other people’s’s just amaizing to know  that so many elegant dishes can be made using white rice as the main ingredient.

so taday i will be sharing with you some of the desserts,starters and main meals with rice as their main ingredient that some of my class mates made

  • cinnamon rice pudding cake                                                                         layered chocolate and vanilla rice pudding




  • steamed caramelised apple and rice pudding

and so many more other dishes…

if you are willing to get all of the dishes i did not mention,as wel as their recipes,just comment on this blog and i will give a list of the dishes and you will select which ones of those you want recipes of and i will do so in my next blog post.

anyone can make something extraordinary out of the ordinary…

Away with cellulite…..

Being a food and consumer science student, i have come to realize and understand the real cause and solution for cellulite(lumpy looking fat that accumulates in women), which i will be sharing with you today.

i have learnt that the real reason why most women,even slim women get cellulite on their hips and thighs is because of the female hormone(oestrogen),which makes women acquire fat there.they store most of their fat just under the skin surface while men store some of their’s internally. this is also one of the reasons why women are generally warmer than men.

After menopause, women deposit most fat in thier upper bodies(although this can be reversed by HRT). furthermore, as women grow older, their surface skin becomes thinner and less elastic and the dimpling becomes more visible and exaggerated. Therefore,CELLULITE IS NATURAL and it does not cause any physical harm.


Although cellulite is a natural charecteristic of the female body,there are other controllable factors that can worsen their appearance.such as sunbathing-excessive exposure to sunlight causes skin to lose its elasticity and if you refer back to the information i gave in the beginning, you will note how this worsen cellulite’ appearance.


The solutions below are recommended by Doctors to  improve the appearance of cellulite:

  • Regular exercise e.g. swimming, cycling, and dancing
  • Going on a low-fat diet that includes plenty of fruit and vegetables.
  • It is best to lose weight slowly because a rapid weight loss may cause a problem.
  • “Let us find grace in changing the things we can change and to accept those we can’t…. “



Taking pears a step further…

Most of us eat pears as they are or just poached in a regular way.  I am a student who

studies consumer science:food and nutrion, so we do food demostrations as part of  our training. at one time i did a demonstration on pears, like to make them my main ingredient in various recipes just to show my audience many ways of eating a pear. today i will share with you some of the recipes i made that day.

I will share with you 2 of the recipes i prepared and in both of these recipes i will be using red wine poached pears. first let me give you a quick recipe of how to poach pears in red wine..


4 pears

1 cup red wine

1/4 cup sugar

1 pinch all spice(optional)


  • in a large non-reactive saucepan(large enough to hold the pears in a sinlgle layer facing upwards),heat the wine and sugar stirring to dissolve the sugar.
  • peel the pears and deseed them from the bottom, add the pears to the warm wine, cover
  • simmer gently for about 20mins.the actual time depends on the ripeness of the pears
  • remove the pears to a platter and continue to boil the wine until it is syrupy
  • pour over the pears


Preheat the oven to 200 degrees celcius

in a bowl lightly whip the goats’ cheese with 1 tblspn brown sugar and amagnac.chill until ready to use

place a bunch of grapes on a metal tray and sprinkle with some kore brown sugar and roast for 15 mins

to assemble,cut the pears into quaters and place on a dessert plate in a wave-like form.

take a spoonfull of the fresh goats’ cheese mixture and place in the centre, garnish with the grapes and serve




traditional rooibos is much more than just a drink. More even than the healthy drink with which every household is familiar, ‘low’ in tannin and ‘no’ in caffeine, it is also a unique ingredient which imbues dozens of different drinks, desserts and bakes with its distinctive flavour.

Pink grapefruit and rooibos cocktail, a chilled drink with an option! Sparkling wine for a party, or lemonade for a refreshing thirst quencher.

For a dynamic dessert, try roobois marinated fruit and yoghurt brulee. Lashings of dried peaches, prunes and apricots gently stewed in rooibos, teamed up with natural yoghurt and caramelised brown sugar.

Next time you brew up a cup of rooibos, take it a step further


Pink grapefruit and rooibos cocktail

serves 6

250ml strong brewed Rooibos, chilled

750ml sparkling wine or lemonade

1 litre pink grape fruit juice

mint, for garnish

  • combine all ingredients and serve well chilled, garnished with mint.



Rooibos marinated fruit and yogurt brulee

serves 6

50g dried apricots

50g prunes

50g dried peaches

25g raisins

25g sultanas

1 litre strong brewed rooibos tea

160ml brown sugar

5ooml natural yoghurt

  • Place the fruit, rooibos tea and 100ml soft brown sugar in a saucepan. Simmer the fruit gently until tender. Remove from the heat and allow the fruit to cool. Transfer to a bowl, cover and chill.
  • Divide the fruit into 6 ramekin dishes.
  • top each dish with yoghurt filling to the brim. Sprinkle 10ml of soft brown sugar on each filled ramekin.
  • Grill the brule’es until the sugar has caramelised. Serve immediately.


Garlic breath may enter a room four steps before you do, but the health benefits associated with garlic have been recognised for over 700 years , sp put your health ahead of your friends. Enjoy the heavenly taste and aroma on everything from Focaccia to roast potatoes and in salad dressing.

As garlic has a strong flavour and aroma, it is passed through the lungs on the breath and, if enough is eaten, through the pores of the skin!

From experience, a recommended cure for garlic breath is to chew on a sprig of fresh parsley, it always work!

Garlic is vital for improving and mantaining good health and it is also said to aid in digestion.


There is more to buying garlic than to just randomly pick any.For best results, choose bulbs which are firm.The less brittle the skin, the more moist the cloves will be.


Peel the outer,papery skins from the cloves. cloves should then be finely chopped or crushed, using a garlic press. If a garlic press is not available then cut each clove in three, sprinkle generously with salt and crush to a smooth paste with a round bladed knife.


Margherita pizza

  • 30ml olive oil
  • 1 onion, peeled and finely chopped
  • 1x410g can whole peeled tomatoes finely chopped with juice
  • garlic italian seasoning, to taste
  • garlic pepper, to taste
  • 300g mozzarella,cheese grated
  • 6anchovy fillets, drained and finely chopped
  • 2 pizza bases
  1. heat the oil and saute the onion until tender about 3 mins. add the finely chopped tomatoes with thier juice. season to taste with the garlic seasoning and pepper. simmer until it has reduced to a thick sauce consistency, about 30min.
  2. preheat oven to 230degrees celcius.
  3. generously spread the tomato sauce onto the bases. sprinle with the grated cheese and top with chooped anchovies.
  4. bake the pizza until the crust is golden and the cheese has melted and browned, about 15min


  Sundried tomato and goat’s cheese

biltong powder and fresh chilli

smoked salmon and avocado

 roasted peppers, onions and corn

cajun chicken and pineapple



How to lose weight in 7 days…

Many people have different opinions on how to lose weight, but the question is, is it working?  ofcourse there are some obvious facts :

  • exercise
  • eating a balance diet
  • drinking lots of water
  • etc

But why is that to some it seems as if it does not work at all? personally when i started going to the gym, after two weeks of serious work out, i gained 6 kilos and i gave up. Even though i wanted to get in shape and lose weight, i coud’nt bear the fact of gaining more and more weight(and it was in summer!).

scientifically, it makes sense to say that exercise helps a person to lose weight because it burns down the fat stored in wrong places.

After giving up on exercising, i tried the water thing. I drank 8-10 huge glasses of water per day for 2 weeks and i never saw a change., so i gave up. normally after drinking water , a person eats less, helping in weight loss, but i would feel hungry as ever. fortunately, when this was happening i did not stress at all.

this started changing when i went  for a 7day  marathon study in preparation for a Food science exam. During this time, i was stressed, my mind was always busy. after 7 days i had lost most of the unwanted kilos that i was trying to lose for a long time!


  • Weight issues is all a matter of the state of mind.the more busy your mind is, the more energy you use and help break those unwanted stores.(it is the kind of exercise that comes through the mind)
  • our metabolism rates as individuals are different. an individual with a faster metabolism naturally is more likely to be slimmer than an individual with a slow or sluggish metabolism. find out which group you belong by rating how often you go to the toilet on normal days(the more you go, the faster your metabolism rate is). for individuals with a slow metabolism, here are some foods that aids metabolism:

and many more

  • all the factors work when they are are combined e.g to exercise as well as to eat well and drink sufficient water and all the other factors not to try one at a time
  • when a person is just starting to go to the gym for the first time in their life, they may experience a slight weight gain all just because the whole process is all new to the body and it will just try to adjust itself to the change, so when this happens it is important to keep on exercising for it to be effective.
  • last but not least..PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE…